It's Sweater Season - And We're Obsessed With These 8 Pieces

If this fall season you are all about being warm while staying cool - sweaters are the way to go. Being petite doesn’t mean you need to avoid bulkier items like sweaters altogether. Our petite AMIE editors will show you how to find a sweater that suits your frame.

Go bold with color-block sweaters. Color-blocking is the best way to breathe life into your fall colour palette, and they will help highlight your upper body.

BIK BOK ELSA pullover


Sweater Dresses naturally make shorter women appear taller. The neutral colors don't overwhelm and they go with everything!

English Factory Combo Shirtdress

Screenshot 2017-10-29_21-50-45.png

Familiarize yourself with a shorter fraying hemline. The silhouette is a way to show off your legs.

Wildfox Nancy Sweater

Screenshot 2017-10-29_23-06-30.png

Opt for closer-fitting sweater materials, such as a soft and snug cashmere. They help you achieve that warm sweater look while still displaying a slim, feminine figure.

LINGUA FRANCA embroidered cashmere sweater


Don't underestimate the power of an unique print. Argyle print extending from the hem gives this sweater a playfully chic style.

JUMPER 1234 Rainbow Argyle Cashmere Sweater


Animal print provides a sweater with a fun look. Leopard is definitely fall 2017’s most powerful trend.

Kate Spade leopard-print collar sweater


Tiers of fluttery feathers at the bottom of a cozy sweater give dynamic dimension to the body.

Milly Feather Trim Sweater


V-necks and Scoop-necks help elongate your look, and flatter your petite frame.


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