The petite AMIE Summer Holiday Packing Guide

Our petite friends, is your summer vacation just around the corner? You've booked the plane tickets, found the dreamy hotel, and researched the best restaurants and bars, yet the biggest task of what to bring is often left for last?

Key decisions must be made. Pack like a pro with petite AMIE!

This isn't your average packing list. The clothing shown here has been carefully selected to fit petite frames and offers you brands and occasions that will help make planning your travel wardrobe a breeze!

Every petite girl wants to grow five inches over night for their beach vacations. When it comes to your legs, there's one swimsuit silhouette that will lend you some length: the high-leg cut. Since you are showing more skin, it will make your gams appear longer. We've rounded up some of our favorite high cut swimsuits below. Keep scrolling!
Be a perfectly dressed guest for your next wedding weekend out of town! We know it can be hard to find a cocktail dress that is not only stylish and on trend but also fit well and flatter your shape. Finding a piece with a flattering length is usually just the start of your issues. In addition, what might be a well-placed waist seam on taller women magically becomes drop-waist on us. With that in mind, we put together an edit of some fabulous dresses that would be ideal at your next wedding, party or big event!
You want to visit a new city in style and look as chic as everyone else on the street: being able to look pulled together and totally effortless all at once. The simplest equation - an up-and-coming statement top plus nice jeans will always be a smart choice. Check out some of our favorite statement top (ruffles, one-shoulder, off-the-shoulder) looks below for the ultimate in outfit inspiration!
When it comes to sail the high seas this summer, the classic stripes are probably the most versatile sailing and boating staple. Short striped shorts are definitely petite girls' secret to Taylor Swift legs, and they will match all your sailing outfits and will make you feel like you belong there on the sea. Another must-pack when you go at sea is white oversized shirt. It fits boating perfectly and will protect you from the sun and you can wear both buttoned and unbuttoned. Let's Go!
When you are venturing outdoors, it's very important to wear pieces that fit you properly - a fact that's especially true for petite girls. Nothing is worse than having to hem your yoga leggings or your tops that are as long as dresses. In the meantime, you also want to look taller in sneakers. A sure-shot way to make you appear taller is to find the perfect legging for petites, it's all about the construction. We look for details that are going to lengthen your legs as much as possible, like color-blocked panels that run along each side (versus crazy prints that will overwhelm). Here are some of our favourite leggings that we've found to fit petites the best, and some pairing sports bras and jackets to finish your perfect outdoor look!
Fiona Liu