Never Say Never! Don't Restrict Yourself to These Petite Fashion Rules

Often times, our petite girls have been told to follow an abundance of fashion rules as a result of our short stature. For example, you can never wear flats, boxy tops were not made for short women, midi and maxi skirts are just unflattering, ankle-strap heels visually cut off your leg...But fashion rules are meant to be broken, right? Today, using some of our favorite petite celebrities as inspiration, we came up with a short list on how to break these outdated rules.



Flats, while not as physically elongating as heels, are definitely a wardrobe staple and daily necessity. A pair of heels can add a stylish edge to your look, but so can flats! Opt for a pair of chic pointed flats which will give the illusion of added height by simply lengthening your knee-to-toe line.


Boxy is the opposite of what we are — sweet and petite. As a result, it can make you look and feel like Paddington Bear. Take a note from Miroslava Duma (5'0"): If you decide to wear a boxy top, don't be afraid to offset it by showing some skin. The key is to balance them with other shapely statement pieces.



Midi skirts are one of the many styling options shorter women are constantly told to avoid. But in fact, a well-cut midi skirt can actually give you the appearance of looking taller, as evidenced by petite fashion icon Victoria Beckham (5'4"). Choose solid versions that skim the length of your body, which will create a long vertical line. Midi skirts with a front slit can be super-flattering on petite girls!



It’s usually believed that ankle-strap heels make your legs look chubbier and cut down your height. But check out how Emma Roberts, at 5'2" pulls them off. The strap on her sandal is on the thinner side, allowing her to reveal just the right amount of skin in a mid midlength dress.

All in all, never say never, and wear what makes you feel awesome and works well with your natural figure! Ladies, what fashion rules are you ready to break? Share with us your stories!

Fiona Liu