Chic petite AMIE: Meet Kat Vorotova, Co-Founder of Try The World

Kat Vorotova is the co-founder of Try The World, a gourmet food subscription box and online shop that brings the world's best flavors directly to you in a turquoise box. Recently, she sat down with Petite AMIE to talk about her style, fashion & lifestyle inspiration, favorite petite brands and her career transition from strategy consulting to entrepreneurship. Read her empowering story and get tips on how to perfect your petite style, build your own business and do what you love!

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Kat, please tell us more about yourself and Try The World!

I co-founded Try The World ( after traveling as a strategy consultant for media, software and food companies; and writing a blog about "weird" international food in New York. I loved sharing with my friends all the cool items I brought back in my suitcase from my travels. I wanted to recreate the dishes I tried abroad but couldn't find the right ingredients. So I started Try The World - a subscription service sending you delicious foods from a new country every month.

How has being a “petite girl” shaped your personal style?

Being petite (size PXXS or P00) meant that I didn't have many widely available options and had to be creative with the items I had access to. In high school and college, I mixed new items with vintage, got to know a great tailor, and learned what types of silhouettes worked well.

Where do you shop? What’s your favorite brand?

For work appropriate basics, I rely on JCrew, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic since they have been making petite sizes for some time and got it down to a science.  Uniqlo and Everlane also have a fairly good selection of small-sized basics. For more fun stuff – Gilt, Urban Outfitters, Free People and I am a fan of Buffalo Exchange where I sometimes discover unexpected gems. I like to buy unique items abroad as well - sizes are typically smaller in Asia and Europe - if I can't travel, I order from real boutiques abroad on!


What are your wardrobe essentials?

Cigarette pants, flats, and a fun top. I top everything with a leather jacket, blazer or cardigan. I usually wear one of my multiple Kate Spade crossbody purses. It keeps my phone & credit cards = my life.

What are your absolute favorite items this season?

My Try The World-green backpack with an ice cream cone on it! I used to carry my Macbook in a shoulder bag all over the city but realized it wasn’t helping my posture. The backpack was a surprise gift from my fiancé.

What is on your wish list for the upcoming fall season?

A Ravean heated parka. Being small, I try to avoid bulky clothes. A heated parka is brilliant since it can be much thinner and still provide the same level of warmth as your usual winter coat. I hope they make it in petite sizes soon!

Who is your main fashion inspiration?

Audrey Hepburn! Not only was she a timeless style icon, but she was also an avid pasta eater. Who wouldn’t idolize a fashionable foodie?

What is a must-have for all petite girls out there?

A tailor and a tall(er) life partner :-)

Words you live by or quotes you love?

Don't forget to breathe... Our days are full of ups and downs, and way more to do than humanly possible. It's important to pause, reflect, and prioritize before going back to slay your to-do list!

When did you know that entrepreneurship is exactly what you wanted to do?

Even with a demanding full time job, I've always had multiple projects on the side, because I wanted to learn, explore and create. At some point, even though I humbly valued the learning opportunities that my full time job offered, I realized that I would rather channel my energy into building my own business.

The three qualities that got you where you are today?

Curiosity, resourcefulness, hard work.

What is the best career advice you’ve gotten?

Work with smart and nice people.


Lifestyle philosophy?

Ego says, “Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel peace.” Spirit says, “Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place.”— Marianne Williamson
Even though running a startup can be an emotional rollercoaster with incredible successes and also difficult challenges and frustrating road blocks, I try to put the entire journey in perspective with a short mantra: “this is where I am at this time in my life, and I am grateful that I get to tackle these challenges today, to work with these people, to have the opportunity to push this project forward and to learn.”

What can we expect from Try The World in the future?

We are excited about soon re-launching our marketplace with a wider selection of products from around the world, including cheeses and wines!

Ready for a round of quick fire questions? Do you prefer…

- heels or flats? Flats! I often run between meetings and nothing's worse than trying to sprint multiple blocks in NYC in heels! Plus, I am so petite that even by adding 2-4 inches, I still remain quite tiny! So I might as well be comfortable in my own shoes!

- mini or maxi? Mini! Being small, wearing anything large makes me look like I'm drowning in fabric.

- bikini or one piece? Bikini!

- earrings or necklace? Earrings. I feel that earrings  (nothing too large or flashy) attract subtle attention to the top, elongating my silhouette, and focusing everyone’s attention on my face and the words I am saying vs. my body.

- perfect hair or perfect makeup? Perfect Makeup! (Done brows are a must)

For all of our petite friends who are dying to know more about Kat and Try The World - Website, Facebook, Try the World Instagram, Kat's Instagram

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