All The Style Lessons India de Beaufort Has Taught Us

Small in stature, not in style


The beautiful British actress and singer India de Beaufort (5'3") is sometimes casual in denim, sometimes fancy in silk, and always absolutely flawless. Her style is eclectic. Blends of eras, colors and shapes.

Chic Denim

Distressed, faded jeans and denim jumpsuit have the lived-in appearance that appeals to India's low-key, vintage-inspired aesthetic. She also knows the power of the most flattering silhouette out there for a petite frame - showing off your ankles just enough to make your legs look longer.

Wide-Leg Pants

The striped wide-leg pants can be super flattering and elongating on a little legs. Don't let your small frame get lost in excess material by keeping your tops tucked in to show off your waist. If you're choosing a pair of printed trousers, stick to a simple top and add heels to give you some extra height.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots go really well with all those above-the-knee skirts for our petite girls. The opening of your boots should be a little on the wide side, which gives your legs some wiggle room and avoids cutting you off visually.

Bold Color

We love the way that India adds and blends colors into her outfit making it playful and pleasant. Keep the number of the colors to two or three colors on your outfit. If you would like to mix and match more colors, try to work the other colors into your accessories instead.

Fiona LiuComment